Design Form & Comm. | Demystifying the mainstream | Nationality Discrimination

Nationality Discrimination | interactive booklet

Based on true stories, this is a project to attract attention to the issue of nationality discrimination. The booklet is designed in an interactive way to make the audience experience the revealing of the stories and the shocking statements behind it.



An academic advisor in my school once told me that she could punish me simply because I am Iranian. I was hurt, because I was treated differently. I now work on a project to eliminate discrimination against nationalities.

Imperfect bride

Once a Qatari man proposed to me but I rejected because I was young, when I told my friend she responded: it is too good for you, because I was not Qatari. I replied marriage is loving an individual, not their nationality.

Smarty pants?

When we were young my siblings and I used to complete all video games quickly, one time our neighbor said how do you always complete it when you are a lazy and stupid Sudanese? Why does my nationality define who I am?

Bitter sweet

When I was buying sweets I couldn’t grab them with the tongs, a woman standing next to me said you look Yemeni, don’t pretend you are civilized.

Made in china 

I used to go to a school where my nationality was used as an insult. I was told that I am useless fake Chinese. I am not an object, I am a human too.

Friendship goals

I used to hang out with 3 of my friends who were from different nationalities, they suddenly said they didn’t want to hang out with me, when I asked them why, they said because I am Qatari. Now, I made many friends from different places around the world, because I don’t judge people by where they come from.


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