Typography 2 | Project 001 | Sustainable Packaging | Reflection

Market research

When I first started the my market research, I wanted to choose a product that I have a relation with. My mom loves to plant in our house sometimes when she wants to plant seeds that she bought from the market she’ll have to buy a pot and fertilizer…etc. Also,Many lands in Qatar are empty, although the ministry of Municipality is doing a lot of  effort to plant around the country, but I felt that as individuals there’s no concern about it. So I thought of this product as a way to help grow home gardens so that people would eat home grown vegetables, herbs or fruits and even flowers [ local ].


Product design/concept

My objective was to use everything that you get from this product, also to have a continuous process of planting and growing using the product. I thought that combining multiple products into one product is a good idea, because it will save money + most importantly it will be sustainable and biodegradable which will not be causing damage to the environment.

At first I wanted to create a trowel that would include the seeds in it, which then you will not have to buy a trowel. after discussing with the professors, I realized that a trowel will be too fragile if it’s made out of wood chips. I began to search for another form of the package, I thought of a pot that you can plant in the ground with the seeds already in it, but then it was already applied online, and i didn’t really want to re make the same thing again. So I thought of designing the pot in a new way that would save space, I got inspired by folded boxes so I thought that I would make it in the form of a card that unfolds to a pot. I struggled a bit with the template of the box, I had to make a few adjustments to templates that I found online to fit the pot. Also I thought of the usability of the product when it’s in the market and how it should be presented to costumers, I created a box that would contain each flavor of the seeds, because people wouldn’t want to buy it if I combine it all in one package, they might want only one kind. I designed the exterior package to be used as a tag of the product after it’s opened.

Material research

after many research,I decided that I want to make my package out of wood chips, because wood chips are rich with carbon which will help fertilizing the soil + it would reduce water evaporation. to assemble the package I searched for glue that would be non toxic and natural and i found cornstarch glue to be very suitable.


I decided to work bilingual, Arabic + English, I choose the Arabic typeface first [ Alfares ], it fitted with the concept of seeds because of the bowl & dots design that looked like seeds. for English I choose [ kohinoor bangala ]. I tweaked the typefaces to make them look similar as if they are one typeface.

for Arabic & English composition, at first I didn’t want to use a lot of type in all of the sides of the package  because I had this idea of using less ink to help it be more biodegradable, so I placed the type all in one side, but then it seemed  squished together so I decided that I would put each language in one side.

since my package is really small, legibility of the type was challenging I had to go under 8 point in order to fit the type, but at the same time i had to make it bolder to make it legible . Contrasting the background with the type also made a big difference. also using hierarchy of the point size within the package to create a smooth transition with the eye.



for the fruits that I choose, I wanted to take a different approach in this project, since most of my projects were computer based, so I drew the fruits with colored pencils and then scanned them. I believe that my decision was successful because it added more to the concept of natural and biodegradable product. for the instruction I thought it would be easier for the costumer to understand it through illustrations rather than just typing it, in ti is visually more interesting.

Identity / logo

I didn’t want to make an image based logo, because i thought that my package is already small and having so much illustrations and images would be too much, thats why i decided to go with a type based logo.

Color palette

The color palette that I choose was based on the fruits, at first when I chose the fruits most of them were red, so I didn’t have a variety of colors. I decided then that I would change the fruits to have something more colorful.

Prototyping / paper testing

I think that I tested on every type of paper that i found in the bookstore! since my package require a lot of folding, some paper didn’t work wit it as it kept creating white or damaged edges. at the same time i wanted to give the feeling that it’s something made out of wood chips so i tried adding texture to the template, but then ink sometimes would get scratched while folding. I finally then found paper that had the same texture that I wanted without creating damaged folds.

placing the illustration on the template was challenging, because I had so many sides in the exterior package so I experimented multiple times trying to get the right alignment especially when it was split into half.


Placing the package in context I think was a success, because it added more understanding to the package. also light was very important, I struggled a bit while photographing because the weather was cloudy on the shooting day, the sun barely came out. I also wanted to show the steps to how you can use the package


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