Typography 1 | Project 005 | Final Poster

5 first experiments

using grids and guides to arrange the type, point size don’t go over 14-18, sentence up to 24. the small logo don’t treat it as a final placement make it react with the design.

aligning with the letters, use different compositions not necessary the ones we made for the previous projects.

I looked up designer Majid Abbasi’s work that the professor suggested, because some of his type work was based on alignment with objects or type within the poster.

  •  A1 Tile

Critique points

increase the size of the sentence, maybe reduce the paragraph a little bit

work with contrast by playing with point size drastic “very big difference” black on white has a higher contrast, so when it’s a  small size it’s readable, opposite when it’s white on black it needs to be bigger. Counter balance.

align the text with the hoop lock, not too close to the E, the placement of the logo maybe try it with the needle as it look like its pointing. the color of the box try: purple, light blue or yellow green (not maybe) lol  extend it more till the citation and reduce the point size, the scissor color could be an option too for the box’s color.


I was kind of confused between choosing yellow and white, but white felt more settle for me and I asked my classmates and professors for their opinion, most agreed to white too.

  • Overall reflection 

two fundamental parts of graphic design: Type & image.

I Really enjoyed this course, and it was really fun, I once said it and I’ll say it again. .  I personally have this special relationship with Typography, but I had this one image about typography in my head that when I took all these projects I had this moment of wow, there’s so much about type, it’s not just words placed on web or paper. I am interested more now in typography and I can’t wait till winter break to read books about it, after I get my enough portion of sleep hehe.

I developed more understanding to type through all these projects and, I feel proud every time I comment or critique type in posters or everywhere around me, I can not ignore type anywhere it’s like an infection lol. now I understand what could achieve a successful type whether it’s a sentence or a paragraph or just a single word and even letters. I learned how to activate a space, and that there’s no one way of right or wrong it depends on what you prefer or how you do it.

We’re here to learn, in order to learn we need to go through the experience.

— Law Alsobrook



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