Methods & Process | Deconstruction | P.4 | Reflections



  • Final Projection
  • Brain 

I learned a lot in this project, it was a different approach this time because it wasn’t an individual approach only, but it was for a whole group. Basically we need to accept each others opinion and trust each other and not judge people and also not to have high hopes of others, being honest with the team members is also part of trusting them and i think it’s very important in order for the team to keep going without problems and struggles. this project did give me a lot of headache because i kept thinking that i use do everything by myself in order for it to be right and perfect, but that’s not the case as i said it’s part of trusting the team members. I’ve noticed wrong behaviors so I made sure that I wouldn’t reflect or do something like it in the future.

  • Resources used Here



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