Methods & Process | Deconstruction | P.3

Finally we get to start to work on the video, so we wanted the video to kind of have a story. the story of being inside the head of a schizophrenic person and we wanted the audience to experience that. So basically the story would go from a normal life to less normal and then to the full state of being schizophrenic.
I started looking up videos on brain mri of schizophrenia cases so that we can work with it.
I found two videos and then started working on blending them together.
we wanted to add text to the video so Nikko suggested to write some phrases with our hands so that he add it to the video, it was a good idea.
Kamla on the other hand was working on another video that had quotes in it. we also started recording random voices that we hear so that we can add it to the video and also we recorded footage of driving a car at night.
Me and Nikko started working on the video together, Noor and Kamla were working on building the hoop that we would be hanging the fabric from it. So after many thoughts we thought that putting 30 people inside the circle would be too much, and we didn’t want people to feel uncomfortable touching each other but also at the same time we wanted them to feel claustrophobic and abused. So we thought that we would split them into 2 groups.

we wanted to give the audience something to read and at the same time we wanted them to activate their feeling  sense, so we thought we would bring a rough fabric and stick it to the cards that we would hand, and then Noor came up with a great idea that how about we give the the popping candy, in a way we would activate their tasting and feeling senses together because the popping sound would let them feel frustrated and the weird taste with texture in the mouth would let them experience how a schizo taste kind off. So just to make sure I went back and researched more about the senses of a schizophrenic so that it would not be just something that we added. Noor also brought sticker paper so that we print the tags on we wanted the audience to eat the candy while watching the projection so thats what I wrote on the label. I choose a typeface that is similar to a disordered handwriting. maybe I should’ve put more thought into what I write on the package something from the movie for example, but then i didn’t want the audience to think about fight club the moment they see it.

we came on Saturday, it felt like Sunday honestly lol, all other group were here as well. so we finished the hoop and combined multiple hoops that we made and then wrapped them with tape to make it stronger, after that we attached the fabric into it. we also printed the stickers and attached them to the candies and finalized the videos.

little Kamla climbing the ladder lol




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