Methods & Process | Deconstruction | P.2

Meeting 3

When we thought about the idea of projection, it came to my mind in no second what the curators did in Strange Wonders exhibition, so I thought why don’t we project on fabric? it’ll give an illusion effect with the fabric movement. So I discussed it with the group and they liked it. I also suggested that we make it a 360 degree projection so we would actually project on a circle shape to give the feeling of claustrophobic surrounding.

At the beginning we wanted to project from the inside but then professors suggested that we project from the outside because if we project from the inside we won’t be able to control the movement of the audience and they might block the projector, so it actually made sense and saved us from an unwanted issue :p

Projection Ideas:

We thought that we would project the schizophrenia brain mri and blend it with other scenes that we would shoot and add distort effects to deliver the state of distort reality, lost feelings, unclarity of events.

Audience interaction and senses engagement through:

  • Audio: Hearing
  • Projection video: Vision
  • fabric & Texture : Feeling

Complain I want write it down just to relive my head. I don’t want to be the boss in this project. why do i keep telling people what to do? can’t they also suggest or tell me what do i do as well? I keep telling suggesting and then what they do is they agree! to solve this issue I always ask them to suggest more or give an opinion about it.. it still didn’t work fully but yeah at least it got better.

Meeting 4

We went to Ryan FYI professor and asked him about the type of fabric they used for the projection, and he said muslin would be a good type to project on and it’ll also depend on the thickness of the fabric, so if you want it to go through get a lighter and vice versa. We also asked Maryam where we could find the muslin and she told it us in Souq waqif.

We decided to choose room 216 in graphic design department because it’s a big room and we can control the lighting in it. Me and kamla then went to the room to to take measurements that we will build the installation based on we calculated 30 squares in the floor, so 1 square per 1 person, turned out to be 3m square.

We went to the materials library to see if they have muslin fabric that we can borrow, they didn’t unfortunately, Abdulraham asked us what we will do and we told him we will me projecting on fabric in a circle shape, he really put us down and he said it’s gonna be difficult and the time wouldn’t be enough. did we listen to him? NO lol.


After that we wanted to test the projection on the fabric so we borrowed a small piece from the fashion department and projected on it. then we made calculations of how much fabric we will need around 10m. After that we went to facilities to get permission for our installation and they asked us to describe how the installation will look like. So I made this sketch to show them the materials and the measurements of the space. they also wanted the weight of the materials so that they approve whether it’s okay to hang it from the ceiling or no.


216 description-01.jpg

We got 1m of muslin and 2 rolls of wire to approximate the weight. We weighted the materials in the physics lab, the two wire rolls were 1.151 kg
and the fabric 129g/1m x 15m = (1.935) ~ 2 kg approx.
so the total will be 3.151 kg !!
this is more than we need, and if we consider distributing the weight of the fabric over the area it would be much lighter. we added 5 meters of the fabric to be on the safe side but we will use 10m.
we will not need 2 rolls, even one is too much so roughly half of the roll.
Meeting 5
After making all the final decisions and getting the approval of facilities we started deciding the work and tasks between us.
Nikko is really great with video editing and photography so we decided that he would do the main video and we would do the other ones. The installation was me Kamla and Noor task. we realized that we need at least 4 projectors so that we can project on the whole circle. so we borrowed 3 from Denielle and Maryam and we got one extra from IT.

Meeting 6
Ok so this meeting kind of was a fail. If you are not going to come then say that you can’t but don’t give people false hope to wait for you! I was really annoyed and at that moment the professors words came to my mind that what I see in my other group mates is actually a reflection of myself. In this case I don’t think so, because I would not lie to people and tell them that I’m coming and then I don’t show up and I would turn out to be chilling in the university campus with my friends DOING NO WORK, I would not say yeah I did work and then I would show my mates work that I did in the morning just before class? I wouldn’t do that because I respect my classmates and I trust that they would trust me as well. How I dealt with this incident is that I went directly to this member and I told them that this was not right and this should not happen again, it’s disrespectful and as a younger member I expect you to be more mature than I do and I expect you to lead me not the opposite. Anyways the member apologized and I made sure that this incident wouldn’t affect the process of doing work so I asked them to just forget what happened and continue focusing on the work. I believe it was a good decision to be honest with the group members because otherwise it would’ve gotten even worse and we wouldn’t be able to work.
end of rant, sorry I had to say it

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