Typography 1 | Project 004: Paragraph | P.2 | Final (Reflection)

  • Choosing the two Final compositions 

Between all the compositions that I made I choose two that were close to achieving the characteristics that we were introduced to.

Final A3

I choose this composition for my final A3, because It had a nice contrast between the serif and san-serif typefaces, also as what the professors pointed, type is organic and to me this compositions is organic as it moves my eyes comfortably. I learned about the rag – which I didn’t think about it before and didn’t think that it made a difference, it shouldn’t be forced into making a shape or anything. Just organic and simple.

Also, type need to breath so I made sure that the leading between each line was reasonable not too much gap and not too suffocated as well. I made in mind that my character length was between the average character length 55-65-75, to be easier to read. Justification to me is working best when it is where you logically read the paragraph, if it’s english then from left right …etc. I tracked the paragraph at 10pt because it didn’t need much tracking so It was just to achieve more breathing and gray.

Sometimes I used En Space and also non-breaking space to have a more organic rag, and also because the normal space didn’t work sometimes it would take the word I want to move to the next line.


intervals and space between margins and the paragraph I kept it as 1:1


Final A4

I’m still not sure of which one to choose, because I thought of what the professors said about breaking the paragraph and not necessarily keeping it as a block of words. In these compositions too I considered the same rules I followed in making A3, the only thing is that I used a serif typeface because of Ju sensi when he said that achieving gray is easier when you’re working with a serif typeface. So thank you for the tip Ju!

previously I used drop cap for the quotation mark but it was slightly off so instead I put the quotation marks in a different text box so that I can freely move it.

I also asked for feedback from my class mates and Juniors (Eman & Amira) to see if it’s gray or close enough.

ok, final decision! I choose

class mates helped! because Leland didn’t  😒,I didn’t have an intent for the one that is divided into two blocks, it was just a visual element. gimmick 🌚


  • Overall Experience 

Thankfully, I was not bored like the sentence project, because I developed more understanding to type. maybe because it was shorter this time too :p

I feel happy every time I comment or critique type in posters, because now I understand what could achieve a successful type whether it’s a sentence or a paragraph. I learned how to activate a space, and that there’s no one way of right or wrong it depends on what you prefer or how you do it.


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