Methods & Process | Deconstruction | P.1

  • individual Process

I was confused at the beginning of what to choose between these two, Lion king & The Martian. Honestly I made up my mind in class, because so many people were doing a Disney movie, although it didn’t matter in the end. I choose The Martian and my focus was Survival.


notes of other classmates concepts


based on our concepts we were divided into groups, we actually guessed it we knew that we will be divided based on our focus and concepts when we saw professors in deep discussion. ah.. if I knew it before I would’ve changed my concept lol ūüĆö Joking.

  • Group Process

So the group members are: Me, Kamla, Nikko, Noor E.

Meeting 1

for the first group meeting we were supposed to convince each other about the concepts that we had, because we had to choose one movie/book to build the exhibition / installation on. After discussing, we noticed that the main concept that we all share together is mental conflict. We voted and both the martian & fight club tied so we voted again and we choose fight club, it didn’t really matter because as what the professors said we are not recreating the movie or the book it’s just the concept, and the concept was kind of similar. We reached a conclusion of using schizophrenia as our main concept.

Schizophrenia: a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. 

Meeting 2

after researching about schizophrenia, In the second meeting we were supposed to bring different sketches that reflect our concept and also states the audience targeted.


  • mental disorder
  • breakdown
  • relation between thoughts, emotion and behavior.
  • withdrawal from reality
  • fault perception
  • fantasy and delusion
  • mental fragmentation¬†

installation intent:

  • To make the audience feel certain symptoms of schizophrenia¬†

some sketches that me and kamla worked on


sketch 1 | mirrors

In this sketch we wanted to create the illusion of different personalities a schizo would have so we thought about having different sizes, shapes and functions of the mirrors.

sketch 2 | projection  & brain x-ray

this sketch was the idea of bringing a brain mri of a person with schizophrenia and projecting whats happening in the mind, also we thought about making the space claustrophobic as well, because it would give the audience the experience inside the mind of a schizo.

sketch 3 | colors

here we wanted to create a delusional seperation effect by  making columns with different size and colors.

sketch 4 | sounds

for this sketch the idea was to collect and record sounds and manipulate them and add effects to them so that it would sound like the sounds a schizo frequently hear.

sketch 5 | insomnia 

this sketch was to work mostly with juxtaposition and doing the opposite so we wanted the audience o feel comfy and relaxed, because insomnia is one of the issues schizophrenia patients suffer from.

we then went to the library to discuss these sketches and develop the ideas and choose one main idea for the installation. all members agreed that we should combine the idea of projection and sound together.



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