Typography | Sentence | P.4 Final

  • Final Critique 

I have showed my experiments to the professors both A4 & A3, with little adjustments.

they suggested to keep the size equal except for the highlighted word for the A4 composition.

for the A3 composition I bolded 3 words which created a shortened version of the sentence

الكُشتُبان يقع بلطافة The thimble is dropping adorably.

  • Final Composition

for A4 Editing type to be all the same size except for the word الكُشتُبان “thimble” to be bigger and bold. I felt that Color Didn’t work with my sentence, so I kept it in black

also I adjusted the spaces between the sentence and the margin of the page to 1:2 ratio.


  • Overal Experience

I said before that I felt bored with this project, I didn’t feel the excitement I felt in the previous project for type. Law said it could be because I thought I didn’t have my personal touch into it, but actually it’s a composition that I came up with after doing research and getting influence from different artists.

Also not thinking about the relationship with the image was kind weird, but then we realized it’s not the composition that we would use for our final poster.

I realized after this project that it was not actually to find a composition for the poster but it was an exercise for the final poster.  It was about composing type on a blank page, to understand possibilities related to typography, colors, size, scale, space…etc  thats why it’s was somehow not making sense if we take this and paste it on the poster, but now after this project we understand it better, and we’ll be able to apply it on the poster.

Summary points

  • intent, simplicity, less is more, design is informed decision, take things into consideration.
  • experimentation, trial & error, Research, Refinement  leads to informed decision.
  • Divergence & convergence is all of the above.
  • Optical adjustments
  • type is organic
  • when all caps, type loses its organic form, because of the ascenders & descenders.
  • Type is O-live, it needs to breath.
  • type is not only about individual letters
  • “precedence” will be brought a lot through the next years and even after we graduate.
  • personal presence /expressive

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