Typography 1 | Sentence | P.3

  • Working with Arabic

So I had to work with the Arabic Sentence because my word was in English, Paragraph would be in English tho.

I adjusted my sentence and removed the word curiously

قاسَ‭ ‬مصباحٌ‭ ‬الكُشتُبان‭ ‬البنفسجي‭ ‬بسهولة،‭ ‬وهو‭ ‬يقع‭ ‬بلطافة‭.‬

I don’t know why but I prefer horizontal composition better than the vertical. I was working with more knowledge into how I should split the sentence into parts. Where to split it and to how many parts. apparently odd is better!

After the critique, a note to consider is that less is more which for example means you don’t have to make it large+bold+color it, it would be too much and also it would be as if you are considering the audience stupid. I kind of like the smaller size compositions, eventually all of my following experiments were A4 size, Also I tried to experiment with vertical composition not only horizontal. I learned about margins, spaces & measurements between them and I applied it to my next experiments.

some of my notes during critiques

The composition I preferred was the stacking, the one on the right, because I found it settled and not distracting, legible, and because I liked how it looks as well. so I started editing and developing it more while experimenting with color.

I don’t think it works with color, I like it with just being black. I got feedback from the Professor that I don’t need much to get to the point and I agree, maybe because we were asked to bring colored experiment I didn’t pay attention to this point.

refined versions 1 composition A4 + 1 composition A3



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