Methods & Process | Signs | P.3

I made these as a refined version all in illustrator because I struggled with the material part.

  • Material Studies

It was difficult for me to think of a material that I can experiment with for the printer idea. Maybe I had a mind block or something, because the material was right in front of me lol. PAPER !!

so I started looking thought ways that I can experiment paper with. I tried paper pop art, and making models out of paper as well.

At this stage I struggled with global and concrete, how would I differentiate between them. After I received feedback from Leland he suggested that I would add people with different skin tones to state that it’s global. Also I thought about having the ground as tiles because for the local sign I used local fabric in Qatar “Sado”.

So here’s the refined versions that I made considering the critique.

Concrete | Abstract



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