Methods & Process | Sings | P.2

  • Ideas, Audience 

To come up with a scenario and an audience was kind of difficult, who I wanted my audience to be and why, what action they perform..etc

I went to the library to search about audience, but it wasn’t really a successful search I guess our library isn’t that rich with resources. So I searched about signs and I got this book that had almost all official signs.

Choose audiences with activities/actions for each.

I choose:

  • university students
  1. printing
  2. using sharp tools
  • male drivers between 18-30 years
  1. flashing
  2. driving between two lanes

I concentrated on the university students that are printing, it was quite broad, because there’s so many actions that I could make my signs about, so that was a struggle for me at the beginning.

I made these sketches, observing what professors say about the printer, for example Maryam “Pets the printer” so that it prints well lol, Michael would give the printing order and he goes to grab coffee.. etc…

So I applied these to my initial signs sketches, and I got feedback from my group is that it’s too broad so make it specific. am I talking about wasting paper? giving too many orders to the printer? or what exactly.

I went to try different approaches of how I will make the sign. Is it going to be flat icons, 3D perspective, Cartoonish or whatever.

  • Illustrator & Photoshop

I think here were things started to get a little bit unclear, basically professors said that we’ll have 5 signs for the different categories 4 will be done in illustrator and 1 in photoshop, what we did is that going directly to illustrator and start building the signs.


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