Imaging 1 | Final Production


  • Illustrations



  • Placements on cards


another idea was to make the map as a folder that will have the cards inside of it with stickers in the top part.

  • Map


  • Poster


  • Production




for packaging I wanted to have a box containing the cards, I tried it out but I guess it wasn’t a successful idea because of the craft lol. then I returned to the very first idea when I wanted to put every thing inside the envelop, but this time only for the cards. I wanted to print on transparent paper that would show the inside of the envelop. I used tracing paper, at first I thought it wouldn’t work, because the paper kept jamming. After several tries it worked !

  • why tracing paper? 

My idea is to raise awareness about these islands that are going to disappear. tracing paper fit with the concept because it’s disappearing you can see tracing paper but it’s also transparent.


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