Typography | Sentence | P.1

  • Introduction

FullSizeRender 19.jpgchoosing words was random, but somehow I ended up with two words that related to my word poster lol [ purple, thimble ].

it was kind of weird to form sentences that had no logical meaning to them, because usually we don’t do that. I was playing with the words to come up with playful sentences, but somehow it didn’t work sometimes.


  • Sentences formed
  1. Easily dropped a purple thimble on the adorable lounge chair gliding curiously.
  2. The adorable curious dropping purple lounge chair id gliding over the thimble.
  3. The gliding thimble is adorably easily dropping over the purple lounge chair.

then I switched glide with measure.

  1. She easily dropped a purple thimble on the adorable lounge chair that measures curiously.

another switch: lounge chair to lightbulb.

  1. the lightbulb easily measured the purple thimble dropping over adorably.

I finally somehow reached a good result with my sentence.. I guess. the sentence above was the one I choose.

  • Experimentations & Arabic translation

Ok so the next step when I had to translate the sentence into Arabic was quite tricky :/ because somehow in english it makes some sense, but in Arabic it doesn’t quite work.

Translation of the sentence:

قاس‭ ‬المصباح‭ ‬الكشتبان‭ ‬البنفسجي‭ ‬الفضولي‭ ‬بسهولة وهو‭ ‬يقع‭ ‬بلطافة‭.

‬for the experimentation part, I never felt this bored in any other type project as much as I felt in this project! I actually wasn’t bored in any other project other than this one


. So here’s my experiments of both Arabic & Latin considering character length, point size, leading, kerning, color..etc

My favorite


  • First critique

I discovered that when using small caps we should not capital the first letter of the words because it’ll be bolded and bigger by default, I actually liked it, but I guess it’s not right.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 1.15.52 PM.png



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