Typography 1 | Word | P.3

  • Critique

I realized that the word was small compared to the context, I freaked out because I thought I’ll have to do the whole thing again!

The main points were to play with the lighting, because it felt dark and it removed the true colors of the image. Also to crop the photo because we don’t need to see the whole hoop.

  • Refined images

my poor crystals 😥 Law said to remove the crystals from the picture :(, it kind off makes some sense, because I didn’t use them actually in making the word, adding them was just a way of showing luxury… but I guess it didn’t work.

to get the good lighting again was really difficult, I took the photo at lunch time, but the photos didn’t come out like I wanted.. 😦

here’s some more photos with different edits

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 9.00.31 PM.png

I prefer the top right one, although it looks kind off washed out, but I like how it looks vintage. I also like top left composition and colors, I feel I need to remove the pinkish colors on the fabric..



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