Typography 1 | Word | P.2

  • Type Face

I really loved bodoni, I fell in love with the rounded finial in the letters a & r :’) ❤️, now I can understand Laws’ love towards baskerville g.. I totally understand. It was a challenge because bodoni didn’t have a bold option,  the option was there but the bold parts were not where I wanted it to be bold.

I also researched about bodoni and how it was developed, I thought it would help me with the materials and how I would approach the word, and I discovered that it was developed to be an ornamental typeface.

Bodoni had a long career and his designs changed and varied, ending with a typeface of a slightly condensed underlying structure with flat, unbracketed serifs, extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes, and an overall geometric construction.

I choose Bodoni MT Poster Compressed

kerning the word

Final Kerned word

  • Refined Experiments

After testing out with materials I really liked the Embroidery stitching related experiments, because in a way it felt more of making something ornamental and filled as it opposes to the word austere which means plain and simple, and embroidery is not simple so it fits well with the word approaching. In my case going with the opposites and juxtaposing.

So here are some more refined experiments for the embroidery stitching idea.

Law suggested that I ask Junior Eman Makki about stitching because she had a project where she used stitching in, She showed me her project and her approach and she did give me a lot of feedback regarding this project, Thank you Eman 🙂

I was experimenting with different types of stitches, Running Stitch, back stitch, and Satin stitch.

I used back stitch for the strokes and filled it with satin stitch, I used resources from the library to help me master the stitches 😀

I was going to go with the wrapping idea at first, but then I liked stitching more because it felt more real than the wrapping, wrapping was more of fake. sorry wrapping 🙂

I went to fashion department to ask about where I could find embroidery thread other than the local souq near souq waqif, because Weekend, souq, Thursday, Traffic….NO😫 I was trying my best to avoid it..but I ended up going there :’)

I searched for embroidery hoop as professors suggested to hold the fabric well so that it doesn’t move while I am stitching.

I choose the color purple simply because I like purple hehehe, lol  JK, actually  it’s because  I searched about colors and how it’s related to luxury, purple, Black, silver & gold were the colors, so I choose purple right away, because I like purple 👾🍇🔮💜♋️☂️😈

I got different types of thread silk and cotton, I started with cotton and it was going well, then I thought about seeing how would the silk look like, but it wasn’t going well, it was always popping from the fabric so I just switched back to the cotton one.

  • pokes..& getting stitched 🙂

If I would count how many times I poked my finger with the needle…💉 I wouldn’t mind pokes, but actually what was worse is that after I finished halfway a letter I discovered that I stitched it to my clothes 🙂 so I had to undo it.. I almost cried 😢


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