Methods & Process | Object Poster | P.4 Final

Here’s the Final poster after making the final tweaks and edits.

A1_Poster edited_final-01.jpg

I went to print, first I made a test print on an A4, and it was okay, when I printed the full size A1, the colours changed, no more Green, it was mostly blue & Purple… the thing is that even if I reprint, would I get the result that I want? or how would I fix the problem? because I’m not controlling the printer. Also I worked with CMYK and I exported it as tiff. so I’m not really sure what the problem is 😦

I printed on a Semi-glossy paper, because It showed the effect more, but then I’m thinking now that the paper type could be a reason of the colours change.

A comparison between the digital and printed version

you can clearly see the difference, My friends like the printed version”purply-bluish”and they think it’s better, but I don’t because the green colour is part of the holographic effect so it’s kind off removed an important feature from the poster.

apparently, the new one looks better? Law said it has more depth..hmm

  • Overall Experience

I really Hated this project at the beginning lol 🌚, because of the amount of designs we had to make I guess, and I started to get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Also sometimes I couldn’t think of other ideas to make…Blank.

but I actually had fun doing some designs and experimenting with materials.. I like the second part the most when making the poster. I would say that I’m satisfied with what I had as an outcome of this project 😀 and it was a new approach to me to do material studies first before making a poster, I thought that making a poster would only be open software and start designing, but actually material studies, keywords, definitions, synonyms ..all of these helped creating a Poster, which is really cool.👍🏽

There are different approaches for projects and making posters, and this was only one method of making a poster. One method in a process.

One level up in learning

  • Resources used Here

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