Methods & Process | Object Poster | P.3

  • Making the poster

Finally after so many design experiments, we started working with the actual poster. make an A4 poster, printed, minimum 10 designs, with type & text.

professors mentioned that using a word and an image with the same meaning in the poster will make it look like you think that your audience are dumb. so don’t do it because it’s a bad thing! 🙂

Class notes

  • First A4 Poster

minimum 10 designs…I struggles with this part because the designs that fit my object were mostly good as backgrounds and not as images placed on the poster, so I had to come up with a solution that would fit what I had.

I didn’t have a specific approach at the beginning, I just started placing images and items and moving them in different compositions. Which I believe was a good approach as a start point.

5 trials 

in the first critique we talked about how to work with shadows and perspective to create depth within the poster so that it doesn’t look flat. And adding a Hook that captures the audience and drags them into the poster.

when scanning the objects I had to bear in mind that the size of objects differ, which means it’ll be different when I scan them. I scanned everything at A1 size, because It’s better to have it  bigger and make it smaller so that the quality doesn’t change thats what I thought.

objects & designs used


The 10 designs I choose I had to go back to my first original keywords, because they relate the most to my object.

  1. The CD: is my main object
  2. Galaxy: it represent the magazine that I get the CDs from “Spacetoon”
  3. Photo film: it represents personal memory, because it’s my picture at that time.
  4. Flowers: its the  dominant pattern on the CDs.
  5. Digital lines: it represents digital because the CD is digital.
  6. Glitter: it represents shiny, which the surface of the CD.
  7. Binary Numbers: Represents digital technology.
  8. Cassette: its the opposition of a CD, It was from the Them Category.
  9. CD Surface: to represent the holographic effect. **Happy Mistakes with the scanner made it cooler!
  10. Cassette tape: represents analog.
  • Word: GALAXY
  • Description: paragraph from the description I wrote about my object.

  • A3 Poster

My intent for the design of the poster was to create a holographic effect, and make it dominate the poster, because it represented my object the most.

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 4.03.48 PM.png

the problem with this poster was the quote below the word galaxy, it didn’t really show because of the colour and the typeface, so I had to change it.

  • A1 Poster & tiling

a bigger scale, a new file because the design I worked on before was an A3 size, so I had to change it and redo the design again on A1. I noticed that the placement of some objects was different, some object for instance I had to duplicate to cover the whole page for the background.

And then we were introduced to tiling, which in our case was to print out A3 papers and then cut and stick them together, 9 in total. we had some difficulties in printing because it took forever to print and some of the printers were out of ink.

Scary accidents | 12:00 AM

When I was done cutting and was about to hang my poster, I heard Afifi screaming I cut my finger!💉 and she really did, not just that but she also fainted so double the trouble lol. although she was unconscious she kept saying: my poster! my poster! and I’m like Really? 🙄 but yeah thank god nothing serious happened 😀

Hate critique 😈

I don’t really know how I felt about this critique, because everyone kept saying what is this? what is that? and some didn’t really take it seriously as a method to help other classmates improve their posters.. but I can’t really say it didn’t help at all.

Most of the highlighted points that were mentioned about my poster are:

  1. contrast
  2. too much blending/transparency
  3. colours of quote not showing very well
  4. real objects not digital
  5. remove the purple rectangle
  6. Justification of Type > widow

  • More tiling

I made changes to the Previous version of my poster, in which I reduced the amount of the blended objects by making them more solid, so focusing more on making some of the objects be placed on the background to give more depth into it rather than just being flat. Also I changed the colour of the quote so that it shows more.

critique highlights

Making the CD on the side bigger, lower the quote and work on the colour, work on the spacing between the word “GALAXY” because the letters looks really close to each other, so let them breath. Play with Tracking!


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