Imaging 1 | Images & Visual Research

  • Introduction

We were introduced to images and their categories & sub categories, the first assignment was to analyse the images we collected. here , we also created an image catalog for all the images we collected so far here.

class notes

  • Visual Research of Countries

We choose 3 countries that we didn’t know about or knew little information about it, I choose Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kiribati, and Swaziland. We had to make a research about these countries and it was really detailed. Find the research here [countries-research].

visual exhibition of the country, we had to focus on one country or more, to narrow down the research to categories, we were asked to design our own project sheet that propose the outcome we want, either:

  1. about that country
  2. about this country
  3. about this & that country

I choose Kiribati because it had some interesting facts to it, for example it has 3 different time zones. Also it is going to be the first country “island”to disappear 😦

above are my notes and planning for my final outcome, I had the idea of making an envelop that contains:

  1. a swatch book
  2. a treasure hunting map
  3. stickers

So my idea is to “Save Kiribati”and I am focusing on the Phoenix islands Biogeography, which is the home for so many species, and because of global warming the island started to disappear so does the life on this islands.I wanted people to know about this country and this island in specific.

The swatch book will contains illustrations of the species that are living in the island on water or land. The map will be like treasure hunting for the species in the island and it will locate where you can find the species. And I’ll have stickers of the illustrations as well in the envelop, so it’s like an “informative package”.



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