Design Technology | 5 weeks Summary

Experimenting with digital & physical techniques & effects
  • 100 Experiments 

we had to make 100 experiments using different illustrator effects, & the scans that we created previously.


out of change I made some Colour experiments

When we had the critique, we noticed that most of the designs used the rotation tool, which to me was boring seeing the same thing repeating over and over again :/

we choose 15 favourite designs for the critique and we had to comment on 10 of the ones that we most liked and how do we relate to it.

  • Creating Abstracted/Minimal shapes & systems

using simple shapes we created different experiments using illustrator effects. The second one was different with more restrictions to it,

  1. no effects / transparency
  2. must be 3 shapes only
  3. we can duplicate & play with line weight
  4. only black & white

It was kinda difficult, because we already got used to using the effects, and when we were not allowed to use it anymore it felt strange D:

  • Drawing Objects

this was one of my favourite classes in DT, drawing real life objects, and then creating a self avatar. I always avatars of my self so I had the pixel one firs and then the most detailed one, and finally the one I did scanning my face with AdobeCapture which is my favourite so far 😛

  • DesTech CHARETTE

Now we are transforming into painters. better than PAPR students lol

so we first were divided to groups, and then within my group we splited the work between the 4 of us as in to make first 4 designs based on:

  1.  clean/simple designs.
  2.  complicated designs.

and then we’ll see which ones we can combine to use designs from. So here are the designs that we initially made & used.

after we got feedback, we thought about composition and planning, to share all of our designs together and to get to the idea of “Maximinis” > lost between Maximum & Minimum designs.

edited designs for presentation.

Final Design to be painted ✌🏽

1Artboard 5.jpg




so we made some edits to the design, we realized that making all these lines will take forever, but it would’ve been cool :(. We recreated the pattern of the design so that it could fit with the materials we had, the tape for example, we had only 3 different sizes, and based on that we created the new pattern.

We started off by making the lines, using masking tape it took so much time, because we had to make the gaps equal. we had some issues where the tape was not straight, we used so much tape to get it right.

we then started painting on top of the tape, and we stopped at that point because we needed it to dry first and then start on the second layer on top of the lines.

Removing the tape from the mural was so satisfying, behind that tape nice smooth lines appeared❤️.



We projected the design so that we can trace off the organic shape on top of it, we had to change it a little bit so that it fits the new lines placement.

crisp edges ugghhhh, we had to go over the shapes again, and clean it off so that we have the crisp clean edges.


 Color Choices … hmm

M&M said we’ll add color, olala 🙂 I wanted to add more lines, because I really loved how they looked  when they were a lot, but then M&M suggested to fill in between the lines instead of adding more lines, Hind was working on making the color choices and composition. Here’s the design collection she made.

we agreed to use teal, because it’s different and not typical.





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