Typography 1 | Word | P.1

  • Researching

looking for definitions, meanings & synonyms of the different words we were introduced to. I searched using dictionary app in my laptop for the English words because it had the meaning and the definition, synonyms..etc, for the Arabic words I used the website http://www.almaany.com .

To me Arabic was difficult, because one word would have so many meanings, if you just change the “harakat” you would end up with totally different meaning.but then looking at the opposite word  provided made it easier to look up for the right meaning.

Find the research here [word]

  • 5 Arabic / 5 English

bellow are the words I choose to print out in A3.

We learned about kerning and tracking also, after we printed the words and laid them down on the floor it got more clear how the letters are connected and how the spaces are different between them.


some words that needed kerning

notes that I wrote on some words

  • Choosing the word

When I was going to choose the word for the project I was thinking of what materials I was going to choose, so it kind of delayed my process of choosing a word. The day before when we were supposed to come with the chosen word and the experiments I was still didn’t choose my word, I couldn’t sleep well, I was in that stage when you’re asleep but not asleep? like your brain is working but not fully lol. Anyways I woke up around 3 AM in the morning “dawn which is the best time I work” I opened my eyes, and the first thought on my mind was that I wanted to choose the word austere.

  • Material Studies

I started to search more about the word and it’s meaning, So as a result of my quick search I learned that:

Austere could mean

  • Sheer so I thought of sheer fabric
  • Plain, simple, so I thought of the opposite as in Ornaments/flowery
  • Cold/ice/snow So I thought of working with ice.
  • Opposite of Luxurious Thought I would use crystals
  • embellishments (trtr sewings)
  • bread from the word bland

These were my initial experiments with materials.

Refined experiments:

  1. using embellishments
  2. 2. Sewing


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