Methods & Process | Object Poster | P.2


After many classes, I can see the relation between the classes now and how we can implement what we learnt in one class to another class. for example I had the keyword typography, I used one of my experiments in type as a representation of the keyword. I also used some of the techniques we learnt in design technology to make the digital designs.

EID Assignment ☹️

We had to make more designs this time minimum 40 .. after we failed negotiating with the professors.

I was running out of ideas, so kept looking for more synonyms and keywords that I could use for more ideas and it kept getting far related to the object itself. Sometimes I would do the same keyword but with a different approach to it.

here’s the process of making the new designs..


and some of the final looks of the designs..


Refining the objects/ keywords

By refining the designs we previously made into 10 icons, 10 symbols, 10 indexes, also we were supposed to converge the designs after we were going broad. Bearing in mind to control the message, form, material, and concept.

After the lecture professors gave us, I came to conclusion that:

  • icon: it is what it is.
  • symbol: previous knowledge, has to be something a group decide.
  • index: points to its meaning, a connection , for ex: smoke and fire smoke indexes fire.

I started off by making a table to write down and organise my ideas for all categories, it was a little bit confusing on how to categorise each design to be either icon, symbol, or index.

I also choose the keywords that were close to my object, mainly going back to the very first ones I started off with.


after I finished the final refined 30..also the professors critique and extra explaining, I discovered that some of my designs were not in the correct category!  🙂

here’s the full collection of my design experiments+ process





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