Methods & Process | Object Poster | P.1


Object Poster

we were asked to bring a personal object that has a meaning to us and that audience can identify. we were asked also to write a 250 words description of the object, and then to choose 5 keywords that represent the object.

I usually suffer from choosing personal items, and honestly I choose my object at last minute, I choose a group of CDs that me & my sister used to collect from a magazine.

at first it was 90 but thankfully IT saved us because the typekit was not available yet! all hail VCUQ IT  🎉😬

BUTTTTTT I think we ended up making around that number…

omg wait .. I think I just mixed up between type and M&P lols

let’s go back to M&P again then. So we got our classmates write and describe our items for us and vice versa. Which it helped a lot to gather more keywords about the item, and we got to fill the me/you/us/them categories.

by mind-mapping I started to gather more keywords that relates to the main ones, then i started to make images using :

  • illustrator
  • taking photographs of objects
  • making 3D materials
  • painting…

and using other different materials.

I honestly find the professors critique VVVvveerryyy helpful, as they told us what to fix and gave us advice on how to improve it. THUMPS UP PROFs ! not for giving us so much work tho hihi

  • first week > brainstorming
  • second week > making / creating images

after the first designs we made, we had to make additional design this time by looking for definitions, also cultural agreements, facts, function(does)and how it communicate to the public, to connect it to the main keywords. professors also mentioned about binary oppositions and contrasts.

so here’s some beautiful process photos for you 😉


and some brainstorming notes..


and finally images made  🌞

here’s some painty blood for you..💉

FullSizeRender 4





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